Well, i stopped when i had reached the border so i continue after. When we reached the border, due to this one East Afrika thing, it tooks us 15 minutes to cross though our bus needed some good time before it could also join us. we sat and wondered what was the difference between the two sides and there was none apart from which side you are driving. Many a time people have died trying to keep there own sides of the road. Rwanda on the map is lke this small district you see in our country but when the journey started, i asked my self how practical are these maps because the 30 mins i thought we  would be travelling turned out to be 2 hours, seated next to people who last showered a day ago. The heat was heavy mixed thick air, people sweating from all parts of there bodies and the constant whimpering of girls dreading the journey and wanting to shower. There were so many swamps we should have dropped them there, may be the frog prince would kiss them. Need i say that we were travelling with a driver who didnt know the area and students who thought we were taking them back home we kept twisting and turning for 4 hours before we reached our destination some time in the night. But when  we reached, these people,they are quite hospitable and we were quickly ushered in to Gashumba’s land where muhororo  or more like mwisute sounds like good morning. We ate our supper there, thick chips you wish chicken to night was here, green meat balls, first of their kind and probably there rich kid stapple food and original tomato saurce, made from cooked tomatoes. Beds were made with mosquito nets, showers working; we were in a 3rd class hotel, which was actually a school. Am obliged to stop here due to the pressuring circumstances but i will be back.


Wow, am starting to like this given my past experiences with blogs that fail to work out. Anyway, lets cut the freshman crap of being new to this kind of thing and do the actual thing we are supposed to be doing here. I went for this trip with fellow colleagues and friends in the same faculty around the most renown region probably in the world for having terrorists, wars, genocides and those things that come along; East Africa. I went with them because it is probably the first time I have crossed borders in my life time and I had paid some good money. So we start our trip from here, our faculty around the 10th of last month, trip is supposed to take aabout two weeks, distance traveled can only be estimated in thousands of kilometres and region covered or being covered is already known.
So, we leave this place around Thursday on a nice morning, with people excited coz we are in the same boat because we are “crossing the borders.” We quickly jump on to this bus (from some secondary school that does  not mind exposing themselves for there corruption, given that the bus is not ours and the school is operating, some pride people), 50 specimen (we were experimenting on how easy it is to travel in regions ravaged with dead people and cross cultural battles);and get seated in our choice places, the windows are quickly taken so I sit next to some “ka” girl (to0 girly for a size that big) and we start our journey towards Rwanda, the first of the two countries we are going to. We leave the Ivory tower and slope down to the favourite campus hang-out “Wandegs” (short for Wandegeya; I sometimes wonder how these names are distributed or even come about, what exactly did that fella who first discovered this place see, meet, eat, shit ..the list is endless, never the less, for those who don’t believe, come to East Africa’s Pearl of Africa to the Ivory tower hang-out called that.); we continue down Makerere hill, join the Lubiri road and on to Natete (another of those ridiculous names) and then onto Masaka highway in full speed. For those who have been on this road probably know it is one of the best which means it has few but possibly dangerous potholes. We proceed to Mbarara where ebola is predictably inhabiting the region, we only stop to take leaks in lowly populated areas with heavy vegetation mostly shrubs. There is a lot of merry making on the bus which I don’t object to apart from some loud mouth whose joke I.Q is probably the lowest, he constantly laughs with the others then bothers to ask for the explanation hence bursting out again this time with some idea of what was said. So we reach Mbarara the land of “mirik” (milk) and honey and beautiful heifer “cows”, round hipped, r-accents and for their mooing(nursery rhyme) the boys in the bus to stop staring at how fertile this land is given its probably their first and obliviously their last time. Only problem is, few windows in the bus, too many boys fondling each other in tones that cannot be expressed in here given there indecent background. I hope you get the picture but I suggest you don’t because its not good for your health. Well, we then continued towards Kabale, the name says it all, the land of the rocks and big hills complemented by steep slopes, I probably would not be mentioning this place but given the fact i was travelling with sissies and an insane driver especially the “ka ” girl next to me, I am liable to say something. We had a choir of noise ranging from base, tena, alto and soprano in large quantities. The shriek you get and goose pimples is like chalk against the board, kid sister screaming into your ears, should i say more.
Kabale is where we stop, mentally due to the long journey with nothing much to notice apart from tales of land owned by some corrupt fellas and where they are, the rest is crap. We then proceed to the border and by then its coming to 3.00pm, six hours from our departure, at this point am speechless I only ask to stop here, we have barely began the journey and am already angry so at the border, Katuna, I switch on, but the story ends here folks, my trip ends due to the fact I have to blog out, auf widasen.