Well, i stopped when i had reached the border so i continue after. When we reached the border, due to this one East Afrika thing, it tooks us 15 minutes to cross though our bus needed some good time before it could also join us. we sat and wondered what was the difference between the two sides and there was none apart from which side you are driving. Many a time people have died trying to keep there own sides of the road. Rwanda on the map is lke this small district you see in our country but when the journey started, i asked my self how practical are these maps because the 30 mins i thought we  would be travelling turned out to be 2 hours, seated next to people who last showered a day ago. The heat was heavy mixed thick air, people sweating from all parts of there bodies and the constant whimpering of girls dreading the journey and wanting to shower. There were so many swamps we should have dropped them there, may be the frog prince would kiss them. Need i say that we were travelling with a driver who didnt know the area and students who thought we were taking them back home we kept twisting and turning for 4 hours before we reached our destination some time in the night. But when  we reached, these people,they are quite hospitable and we were quickly ushered in to Gashumba’s land where muhororo  or more like mwisute sounds like good morning. We ate our supper there, thick chips you wish chicken to night was here, green meat balls, first of their kind and probably there rich kid stapple food and original tomato saurce, made from cooked tomatoes. Beds were made with mosquito nets, showers working; we were in a 3rd class hotel, which was actually a school. Am obliged to stop here due to the pressuring circumstances but i will be back.



  1. Hey Kizicc, thanks for passing by mine. It’s always good to see a new blogger.

    Now lemme add yo link to my blogrool ( if that’s fien with u???!!) and then proceed to read yo posts.

    Welcome to the fold!

  2. Lol…the owrd shd be umezute…

    It shd be hard gettin round the drivin on the Right in Rwanda… Ugandans must drive there and forget to move to the other side. bambi.

    3rd class hotel??? Lol…and that tomato sauce, I would like to try.

    This must’a felt like camp to u! Glad u had a blast.

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