So, where did i stop, some where in Rwanda, yes, at the scripture union. Quite a humble place to be. We were so excited we had crossed the border some for the first time we kept on talking about it, some trying to learn the language they kept on mummering words most ikely close to devilish incertations. We ate supper and retired some opting for the night life in that area only to be disappointed; apparently bar in that area are rarely full on most occasions people opting for there beds warmth. i slept quite early after playing a game of monopoly, am not really nocturnal also given the present situation of getting lost.

Next morning so us take a cup of tea, walk around  the place and checking if there is network in the area. We then bordered our bus and set out to discover that place we call Kigali. Nice warm clean place need i say. We went to there Genocide memorial, a must go to, more like the kasubi tombs of Ug. There, tears were shade and people also got to know what really took place, quite enlightening since old habits die hard, Africa, we really need divine intervation. Gross pictures taking photos was and is not allowed in that place. Memos were taken and of we left to conquer other parts of the country like the fountains in city centre, nice restaurants and shopping malls, generally nice things. We later did our shopping in the city that has developed so first bush had to go and see for himself.

Nothing really happened that evening apart from story telling and sleeping. We left early that morning speaking Rwandese for a change in language. the bus ride was quite invigorating with the hills and the rivers and the Kagera falls and crossing the borders, you know how we do.


2 thoughts on “MY EAST AFRICAN TRIP!!!!!!

  1. Kale, looks like u’re having a blast travelling…

    Tell me about Rwanda. I work with some Rwandese chic and I diss her that Rwanda has only one main road and she laughs and retaliates mbu at leat them, it has street lights that work bulungi. And that traffic aint no problem on their 1 main road!

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