may be am young!!!!!!!!!!

i recently turned twenty, and so many things hit me, but firstly am growing old yet am young. ok, am wrong about that young bit but i feel young seriously. am on the greatest campus on Ugandan soil, doing the funniset course probably few have heard of it, but the point here is stil my growing old. my phone was stolen, yeah by some hooligan who probably was in campus at some time and i went to report the case to the police, my God, first time, i didn’t know i was getting that old to do staff on my own. any way, there are so many crazy things i would do because i was below the age of consent this country but coz i clocked 20 recently, am scared and wondering why i didn’t do that staff. my parents have even stopped giving me money, free hugs,no more trust fund coz am old. i can nolonger put on those small shorts i put on in nursery school i liked coz am old. i have to get a girlfriend because………… being old sucks coz i have to look for my money, my own money to spend on me and those young kids at home, i feel so odd being old..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats good about being old realising i have few days left to the total number am going to be around for. i get to do old staff, i was stopped from watching cartoons, playing video games is forbidden, i get to eat last, even work. am working, so i better stop here. pssssssss!! some being old

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