my blog!

my life sucks!

well, am supossed to write something about myself, so lets see! hmmh, i like myself, am so negative  positive minded, about everything am told, i do the funiest course on campus, am growing old, am a big time fun of rock nights here in a ”kafunda” of a town called Kampala a.k.a K’la (pronounced Kla) heart of Uganda, the place to be, rains and shines at the same time, my friends are what i call intellectuals or intellectualz cause they are the creme de la creme of everything around me, am a braggart and yet am not spoilt, i think highly of my self and my theory in life, don’t stress yourself or never let any one stres you coz its not wotrh compared to what your body does to you, besides you rush, you will probably crush…………amen, i love the people who created me, coz there is so much in me i will never figure out,and before i forget, i love cartoons, from boondocks to ed,edd and eddy



2 thoughts on “my blog!

  1. Love Ed Edd and Eddy!!!

    And this guy from the boondocks…

    I love cartoons too but I have a crush on Samurai Jack and Dexter!!!

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