women, do men think!!!!

A great man once said, behind his success, most or some was acredited to his wife(woman) and it got me thinking, so for every man who failed, probably the root cause was woman, probaly, after a great deal of thinking.
So, what should i say, that Hitler killed Jews because of women, Bush is in Iraq because of women, am in a ditch because of woman,a woman who so deligently sought to destroy my life, only if she kneww. My life was good enough it needed her interference.
Have you asked a depressed guy who has been fired why his like that!! His answer, the boss ( who is definately a woman) fired him, probaby told him he was ugly too , why, why i ask, WOmen………. Anyway, we only learn to aprpreciate because those our mothers fall in this category.
We love you and hate it that we can not hate you any longer. ” Happy mother’s day”. Know that mother!


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