True lies.

This issue has baffled the lights out of me, why do we have true lies, why? In the world we live in today, its ethical to know whats wrong or right but we have failed to achieve that and in so doing every tell told is possibly a lie. Some one told me a lie and then failed to stick to it, so it becomes what, another tell of lies. Will they be comfortable when we are to meet on the way. That friendship of ours ended prematurely as soon as it began because liars never live long and please, to whoever it may concern, living on lies makes you vulnarable because they become your archilles’ heel and the truth shall never let you free. Face it, you are in big trouble. 
The only solution here is to watch your mouth because, someone will cut it off.


2 thoughts on “True lies.

  1. i was hurt by a woman, i cried for real, but am thinking of asking the Bid guy why i dont have crying of teary glands, whatever they are called.

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