Am angry. Why, my parents want to throw me out possibly un-adopt me.
I did my last paper but hopefully, i will get a retake.
My best friend and i are breaking up.
I have a dinner to attend but there is no date.
Wilbrod O, a basketball legend died.
My room mate is going out with my Ex.
I have no comments yet, seriously.
I had a conversation with the devil, my sins are mounting.
I cann’t help, but i lack cying glands.
There should be an age restriction on Cartoons, seriously, the violence.
Am sick and tired of being broke.
Is my guardian Angel watching over me!
Are you sure you want to read this.
Am out.


6 thoughts on “Am ANGRY..

  1. I hope u meant…”hopefully, I wont get a retake.”

    shit, yours is not a funny life at the mo.

    Yo best friend are breaking up, could it be becuaes she/he is dating yo ex?

    So about Ox, I feel yo pain.

    That devil thing, I bind it in JC’s name.

    Your guardian angel is watching over u. For real Trust.

    Ok, u need to get down on yo knees Kuzicc.

  2. Hi You, do you have a girlfriend? Why do you threaten that your roommate is going out with your ex-.
    I do not want to hear about re-takes. Re-takes is not good business/stuff. Better style up. You do not know how to run budgets, that is why you are always broke.

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