Why we fight.

Today sees me running around after weeks of preparation. Why, this we had done weeks ago but NO, some see it best to finish at the 11th hour. Why do we fight for them, why?  Am preparing a dinner we advertised over six, yes thats true, six weeks ago. All these people who have and must attend did know but what then do you think happens, they keep on postporning till today, the day of the dinner is when they remember to pay. Am ok with the paying but if we all had such mentalities, where would we be. Why do we keep on fighting for them. Let me quote Mahatma Gandi,
   ” if we practised an eye for an eye, there will come a moment in life when we shall all be blind.”
For heavens’ sake, cut us some slack or beat the suck. Need we eat the cake alone, Uhm…….. that time will come.


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