Inheritance of loss.

The semester has closed,
The semester has closed!!!
Ring, ring, ring, the bell goes.
Collin, where at though?
The seed so fresh,
Now has dried.
Is it really happening.
Is this the true campus.
Where is the noise?
Lights out in the halls,
why, why, why?
do i have to cry
to get what i want?
Is Kenya that good Robert?
Marvin, are your lungs ok!
Is studying worth it?
Are the nights saying nothing?
Where is the presence ,
in the absence!
MY  heart cold, really cold.
My home no more.
Recess, is this what recession is all about.
You take away my friends.
I hate to love you.
My friends, when will i see you.
Where is my patience. 8 weeks.
NO! Noooooo! It cannot be that way.
It cannot.
This sounds like the inheritance of loss.


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