The thought process. The beginning.

Well, i decided to change my blog from “we the best” to “the thought process”.
Why, well you don’t need to ask ”we the best sounded of tune,’ i mean, i am not we are,
besides, some gun slinging thugs almost caught up with me.
We the best has also, i recently found out  been used by one of the terror squad, the rap
group, members, the guy who doesn’t but might be fat Joe’s bro.

The thought process suits me because i really like to think, and
it does sound like me, or probably looks.
Besides, most of these articles are probably after thoughts or thoughts
or what am actually thinking at the moment.
Please don’t applaud me, it comes naturally.

My five year plan after thinking for quite a while,
sees me engaged to be married to the most sensational lady
i agree has caught my eyes. Inspiration, ” how i met your mother,”
besides, i think guys don’t like to comment but you take pleasure in my reading so i beg,
we beg, me, myself and i, please, comment.

On the dark side, breaking news, My EX is back. Curse the gods.
Also, to all lakers fans, we have next year. Atleast we scooped mvp.


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