A piece or peace of my mind.

Well, after some thought, my site has become the thought process.
So i decided to watch HOUSE, the series, today, and i lost some faith in our bodies. I always fancied being a super hero of some kind but after watching, God does exist but our bodies have big time zibs( problems). In each episode i watched every patient had a seizure, a baby died on experimentation, sweets had been used as medicine, smocking is a cure for diarrhoe, and being arrogant is good only if you are sure of what you are doing.
On the other hand, i didn’t get to finish chronicling my escapades about my East African trip and time has a way of telling the story differently. Besides, Uganda for the first time after 30 years might qualify for Africa cup, so thats good news on my part.
I was in a lift today and electricity chucked (went) off. So people are stack, but there was no noise. A good sign of development in such a country where there is hope the lift will be on soon. Also, does pressing the lift button faster or many times increase its speed. No, so why do people do it?
The trees planted in and around town along the kampala main road are dying or are dead, for sure, is this the work of our city council. We might want to query there potential in keeping our city “kawa”.

The book of today is ” confessions of an economic hitman,” please read this, especially those who have no idea.
Quote of the day. “The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, the earth, scrap of paper, passing shape and spider’s web.” Pablo Picasso. Spanish painter.
Am good so be good.


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