The sunset while listening to rock music……..uuuuuuhhhh!

Today is a saturday, the best day of the weekend because today we climax the weekend. Tomorrow will probably be the day a few who make it to church to will repent for the ungodly behaviour today. So, thats aside, the point, have you heard Cold play croone, the killers strum, the RHCP (red hot chilli peppers) beat the drum away. The pinnacle or the pivotal point in your life where you know not one can spoil the lest disturb your mind forever. This what i felt today, the beauty i realised is like that when man crushes on woman,  raining while the sun shines, eating and tasting every lit molecule of the food. That is what i felt, i was literally flying. What could be this moment that i need most not to forget. Speechless. The camera was my eyes for it forever engraved in my brain. White Shadows.


3 thoughts on “The sunset while listening to rock music……..uuuuuuhhhh!

  1. Coldplay rock. But I listened to some song-I fogrt the title- by the Last shadow puppets. U shd try their album, The Age of understatement. It’s stellar.

  2. Yo WORK OR THOUGHTS are good n appretiate the literature…but i insist that i always thought u were reseved…..but hmmmmm am 2 blame i jumpd to a wrong conclusion.

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