A man scorned….. a fake heart break!

My roomie had this thing going with his friend’s ex,( this is, partially a true story if,but if i get  burned, then its conclusive.) So they initially began claiming they are all heart breakers and they dedicated to each other “Heart breaker” by Will-iam, so this is how it went down. My roomie’s perspective.
 “I have been in many relationships and this one is easy( kawa) so am good.” he was telling me. My roomie is i would say at that pivotal stage in young adults where they assume responsbilty and soon begin to cock or pump there chests. Like the Cock he was, the hen was i think attracted to his comb. So he tells her he is a heart breaker, things are promising as am soon binned (locked out by room mate coz his busy), this goes on probably for weeks.
The big thing is nearing, the annual end of academic year course dinner,( i had no date for real), she is top of the list. At this point, there is nothing left to salvage, he is down right into her, venus fly trap, black widow style, things are going down.
Then his heart is broken, seriuosly, you should have seen the heart of a heart breaker. He was so into her, he walked her to her hall every morning, 1.00am, he gave him his food. This girl was everything he had dreamed of. But he was a heart breaker, and the girl was easy. So his heart gets broken, the girl doesn’t want to be touched, nor be associated with this dude. A man scorned tries as much as possible to forget but what the hell, his heart is arching, my the gods be with him.
To all weak dudes, never throw yourself props coz you stole a guys woman, they are the heart breakers.
A man scorned, my jacket was burnt, sorry, my ex threw my jacket away. Seriously, how desperate can one be to do such a thing.


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