Today is Sunday july 06, 2008
Today i woke up early, round 7.00
Today i went home and watched teli
Today i watched tito’s story
Today autism sounded fancy
Today being autistic was on my mind
Today i realised i could be better
Today i went and visited my siblings
Today i almost witnessed an accident
Today 2 children survived being knocked
Today i comfirmed Ugandan taxi drivers are insane
Today i accepted that most Ugandans are illitrate
Today i didn’t eat lunch
Today i saw a great poet
Today being autistic meant your brain was highly
very intelligent
Today i comfirm a dry spell
Today comfirms many months of singleness
today is still today no matter where i go


4 thoughts on “Today.

  1. Wow…and that was just one day…

    What is it with the Autism…so many kids suffer from it here but I dunno walaps.

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