39 HOURS and still counting.

Being a good boy is what i have tried to portray so when my mums call me up on Wednesday morning and says she has some errands to run, i cant refuse but jump to the occassion, besides my current situation of brokeness was top reason as to why i answered that call. Problem was, it was 7.58 am, seriously, how dare i wake up at such an un-godly hour with my recess at and in hand.

So, 8.00 am sees me out of bed and running aroung my residence for a quick breakfast, a cold glass of water does it for me and am off to town. knowing this work is basically manual, a pair of deep blue jeans and a t-shirt also does. So of i go to her office where as expected, the white colar and creme- de la creme of ugandan society happen to work, Workers house. I decide to walk to Wandegs for my taxi since its easier getting one going there. Its also part of my “new experience every day” and “slimming diet work out”.

I walk to Wandegs and on my way, i happen to meet a group of nice looking chics, my heart races but suddenly comes to a stand still since i have bidness to do. I have my I-pod on and these are the advantages,

i)You can pass any one you don’t want to talk to and pretend you didn’y see them

ii) Best way to carry you play list around.

 iii) It’s the in thing, need i say more. cool, aint it.

so with this gadget and loud music, i pad to Wandegs, jump on to a taxi and off to town. In town, nothing eye catching so i continue my stroll to Workers house, there am lucky to have the lift all to myself. Its frustarting sharing a poorly ventilated lift in Ug with our postmen. I hop on to the fourth floor, usually it takes a hallo but because of the new secretary, i am forced tosit in the waiting area. But a few phone calls and and am already seated in my mums office. I quickly need to get out of that area because here you can’t use the I-pod “shuffle”, so ear phones off, i greet nearly everyone in the office.

Damn, that was close, the office is half full/empty so i am out. I get the cheddah, monies, dimes and head on for bweyogerere where in short, i spent half the day ferring bricks from owner to site, counting them, here the “cubans” go on about there escapedes with the village hoes, girls and grand mums, very interesting. Also due to lack of quality shops, i resorted to eating sugar canes, that was it, plus haggling with the  dudes there to give me at a cheap price. Alao getting grimy and dusty.

On my return, its like i have been cave hunting or probably digging ant hills, am all brown, dusty, with a layer of dust for skin. I make few phone calls and am picked for lunch at 8.00pm, time check, the day is over, the night begins.

I have been on strike for these bars that operate when campus is closed coz thw customers are few and more or less the women, so i was on stand still but when my freinds called and said there was free transport and definately me and the boys were rolling, even morphius would have gone instead of saving the world. I quickly prepared  and waited.
                       9.00pm to 10.58,
Me; its time to go guys, we have to make roll call today besides they hired a costa for the guys on campus.
Flowless; let me first finish this episode of Every body hates Chris. The bar is not going anywhere!
Marvo; man you guys, you have been saying that for the past three hours.
So we had to go, besides, we had only watched it for two hours.

Am sorry folks, these first few hours, the 15 or so will have to be like this, the others are coming, this dude in this cafe is chewing my dimes. Hey dude, you going to start giving me free time for the monies ave given you. Peace out,……Flow-less,…


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