The Adrenaline Rush

I was running away from home, why, it was getting dark and i needed to get somewhere. So i rushed passed the door then into the compound only to be met by my neighbour’s dogs,surprised them as i was, we both run in different directions. Then we both realised we had a strong front and decided to turn back and pursue the other, so first it was FLIGHT, now it was FIGHT but i forget, i hate man’s best friend so i run away as fast as my legs could master, then i bumped into my girlfriend who was startled. The first thing out my mouth was, ” Please chain your dogs because they are stalking me,”….. Thats not the issue here,

So i was reading something with to many flaws all i was thinking is this guy sane, why does everyone want to talk about and its various forms and there beliefs. besides, its my conclusion that if you are in a pre-teen or your relation is based on the present situation like studying, think otherwise and do not go for it. What am saying is, teenage relationships are stressing needless to say a dream coz all they talk about is children and there future plans well there things to worry about.

I have many squirms with people and many have called me beastly but what do you do when a fool asks the wise for an opinion, the wise give the truth lest be scolded for misleading, but when fool attacks the wise for the advice given, it leaves me puzzled. If i could juxtapose a well illustrated photo to this theory, may be proof will beΒ sufficient. Anyhow, reason is this is the kind of english my roomie has picked up over the past month, reason, he is competing with queen, i really don’t care. So he is up all night playing scrabble as my sweet dreams get distorted with visions of him. Why, love is gay, its a mere waste of time, teens out there, this is not wbs teens talk but heart breaks occur for real, and the world would be a better place if , sorry, 29 Iranians were hang today………that monster of a president, speechless, listen to Viva la vida.


5 thoughts on “The Adrenaline Rush

  1. hmmmmmmm….i really think u shud chill ur ex coz these things happen so u just hav 2 mayb u just hav 2 find another or settle does nt kill….
    abt teenage relationships i disagree wit the fact that all they talk abt is children i mean they sometyms give eachother advise basically they nid eachother n a teenage gal realy nids a boyfrend thou the qn is WHO????????
    I HAV NEVER HAD 1 BT I THINK I HAV MISSED A STEP…..thou its nt a big deal.

  2. viva la vida? now thata the rush i was looking for. and is she your girlfriend or are you sharing or did she dump him…..

  3. Teenager relationships are stressing — My dear, depending on how you look at them. At this stage, we expect you to have as many friends as possible BUT no commitment. What stresses on teen relationships is the commitment you put on yourself. WHY? Look at these girls and boys as your sisters and brothers, period. Talk less! then you will tell me about the stress.

  4. why do you never tread what you are writing?… the flow of thought i just numbing and you are dating your neighbour’s daughter who owns dogs that bite?
    man for real and whats all that shit about your roomie who never sleeps?
    so seriously,what is al this madness gong on?

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