Boring people. Miserable lives.

So this time i sat and thought, how bad can it get? Apart from it being the third time. My life really sucks. Pressing issues first, I hate or probably dislike my room mate. His life is his style but dude has to style up. His life is everything i dislike. I hate his music. Right now if it weren’t for the anger management, i would have hit him.
I have the i-pod nano and still it doesnot solve any thing. Making loud music. Huh! BAck to my roomie. He thinks we are in some kind of life competition for everything, food, books, style, music even women, how bad can it get. Seriously. More still, my blog and everything am doing is wierd, the net here sucks.
I am beginning to hate girls because they attach little to a lot and a lot to little. We look at small things making the big picture, they look at big things making the a small picture. Am here typing away yet i don’t know what awaits. My girl whose my ex sent dogs down on me, reason being am over qualified. Whats so bad at being over qualified, its like having a bank full of cash.
What happened, where i come from we see celebrities only on t.v but seeing them face to face throws out the thrill. So what with her and big boys, its not my pride because she is my bride to be, is it not that Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery and Today a gift hence called present, ( adoptd from Kung-fu Panda, a must watch…) and my life sucks coz i really dont understand what am doing now.


9 thoughts on “Boring people. Miserable lives.

  1. Eh, why the beef Kata Kuzi?

    Opent he window and let the sunshine seep thru, maybe that’ll make your day better.

    Your rommie needs to have his/her drink spiked..that’ll rest them. And that isn’t attributed to anger.

  2. dude i thank this government that guns are illegal, id have cleared out half of the presenters on tv, classmates an probably some dudes at campus. thank lord am not a juvi

  3. Conrad, you cannot stay alone in isolation. Everywhere, in our lives, we are surrounded by people of different nature and characters. The key word is ‘adjustment’. Try and adjust to his ways, talk to him about what you dislike about him and share it over a cup of tea when you are both sober. Secondly, competition is healthy. Everywhere in this world, people are competing. By the way, I got to know about this very recently. One way of avoiding competition, do not engage in it (you as Conrad). Do what you can in as far as your abilities are concerned. Do not compare yourself to anybody but AIM higher in all you do. Understand? Lots of love from Mum.

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