Flashing Lights.


Well, after having a home run of two saddening weeks, this had to be a different one. I had lostย a good friends trust and confidence and also there attention, every one biggest desire. What more could i ask for. latoya was out of the house. Morris cried, big brother sucks.

After having been told that our presentaton day had changed to friday, i was all smiles. smiles that would make a puppy jealous. I was also preparing for my dinner, physhing for this one big yet small event.

I have the whole day free today with no lessons but then a cock tail for freshers and an increased work load are putting me down, n breakfast, rainy days and stress. My phone has been on for the past three days and yet no call or message.

rock night today, yesssssssssssss… time to remove the boring lectures from my head. but tick tock, i have a presentation tommorow. Mood, sombre. Can do nothing. work load, worse, been increasing relative to the amount of free time i possess.

rock night happened for only 2 hrs, just the taste of a 5 course meal unfinished. Today i present work which has been trashed. am angry, my frien has also been trashed. keg night, we have to do this. Stress level hitting red now. brokeness setiing in.. not good.

Spent the day at akright kakungulu. Told that owner worth 10 billion ug shs. hurts that am broke yet this fella is whining about being poor. dinner today, have no suit, have to improvise. tired, had along week. really long week. Go for dinner and have to bail early. after party not happening, leave to go for bed. Crossing road at jinja road junction and was nearly almost knocked. Flashing Lights. The lights said stop, green told me to cross, but its late, people dont appreciate this. Am scared, hurt, lonely, desperate, but tomoorow is sunday. besides, something made me angry…….. general brokeness and those life questions i keep on asking my self. Speechless at this point.

Sunda…y today.
i want to cry, but big boys dont. I know am broke, but life sucks. “The women in my life bring confusion and shit”..50 cent
Am home and life sucks totally. I can’t help but think, is it me or the world around.. what is happening, Are these Flashing lights, am to young to be this old. My spirit rocks. Peace out,

please, advice not required. this shit happens. the book am reading. failed to finish.
Lantern meet…am advertising. how bad can a week be,%$^#???


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