Random thoughts…or

incoherent thoughts.

these are patternless thoughts. there comes a moment in ones life when there is realisation, that your friends are not who they are or what you thought they were. then there comes that time when you have to make a decision, a big time decision, that life sucks, that women bring confusion and shit, that you hommies around are damn so cold your heart done froze long time, that you are one emotionless butt trying to fit in society, that no wonder how old you are, you dont know who the F u are,the corparate world should be f*****d up, and you are still the same.

in trying to be different i realise, i become normal, and in further trying to be normal, i became abnormal, that people around you cant wait for your downfall. forget these english nuances, its expressing my self, that i am. that when you become accepted, you are quickly forgotten, the best place is to be on the side lines.

that when some one says “i dont care” they actually care more, that when some one chases you away, they secretly want to be with you, that being emotionless is the only way of surviving in this forsaken world. that blogging rocks, more when they are no comments, no that they are not needed, but you begin to write for others, and the essence of this internet diary or dairy is lost, you are lost. that i thought i knew langauge, but no, i never.

this is to all black rock lovers. the Rockstar mentality should be kept alive. steak out should not be forsaken. the lantern meet… speechless in that defining moment, when i realised we are leaving in the world our fore fathers left, there world, where is our world, that am sure and think it should end, press F5, refresh, start afresh, a new page. that every thing around us, the world over is in chaos.

the chaos theory, what makes no sense now will make sense later, that later will actually be to late. that am going crazy because my friends think am crazy, a thin line between crazy and genious, that its war between me and me…official. its official like the referee whistle. this general level of weakness, can be appreciated.

that my life sucks, i need something to fix this puzzle that i am, is what am doing actually coherent. that i am in an internet cafe, playing gospel music but its located in a bar, called ground zero. this bar of mine..it rocks the whole wandegs, and to yall readin this, this is gibberish, and interplay of slung. i know,

this is the thought process, random thoughts from

the chosen,my speech. outta ctrl…