mind boggling or mind blogging!

a lost soul,

crying for help,


very lost.

Ok, this is it, been gone a while,( that sounds true), reasons best kept to myself but are women, money, books and yeah, booze.

women, very hard to please, can do with or without them but best hope its not the later coz, without them, i hate gay people, no offense, my strict christian background condemned me to think like that.

money, the more money you gat, the more problems, biggie notorius sang a song with a title close to that, but seriously, the world today is crumbling with fears of recession especially in europe and the Americas obliviously the north,(cnn and bbc), so tell me, more money or no money. and what affects the world today, destroys africa tommorow, and me a poor african, what will i do. am not carrying any wheel barrow of cash to purchase a loaf of bread. no ways man. anyway, the high cost of maintaining a girlfriend is this…. total brokeness and a daily meal of rolexez from down town wandegs. you get.

books. i insist, whoever created or came up with the word education had better be dead or i swear on my school lunch, i will hunt him down and bomb him with my plate of posho and beans. we read, read and read, but what happens in life is not anywhere in the books. lost hope. wasted time in school. i cant even write this blog in proper english. thats how bad i hate education.

booze. booze kills, me and a couple of friends wanted to see how far we could take this booze thing and we were surprised to see that hell is not far a way. since then, i have been free from toxins. toxin free blood. Lord help them. so, no money, a girl chucks you, then you die of stress, then you drink.

there is hope,

hope at the end,

the end of the tunnel.

lost soul,

now found.

Praise to the Lantern meet of poets, guys reading this should look out for these young group of youth, ready to uphold africa. yeah, true that.


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