Weekly review.

Party is the word meaning to ave fun. Any way,

Course is hard, homeruns and the rest.

D is now in my life.

I believe life’s a bitch.( no offense)

Why do we care?

Barrack Obama Hussein, he’s muslim, he’s black and the President of the USA.

Together we made it,… i wonder.

let man not lie to you that he is slow,

When women fight for there rights, what should men do…

sit down strike,.i knw, pun intended, level of staleness now stalinity..

last recorded, 2/10.

What are true lies, lies that are true, or the truth that lies.

Fancy pansy. knowledge is power, but to much knowledge is stupidity. new laws of knowledge.

 i end by saying, I’m Me…lil Wayne..dedicated to me. Who u. I dont care ,am a cash money billionare.

yeah, i guess thats all, forgive me, i hate using this language, capslock, shift,ctrl..why do we have computers. machines like cartoons will take over the world one day…dont say i didn’t warn you. cartoons rock. nuances..blah blah blah.

4 thoughts on “Weekly review.

  1. Wow, the randomness of this…true lies are lies u believe. Believable lies.
    I love u! that there is a truel lie told many a time.

    Lol on how u mention D being inyour life then u say life is a bitch. Does D have anything to do with that bitchassness?

  2. D is in, but my life is a bitch coz i failed to dress it. this comment be read after readint the above to articles. no man,should blame his hopelessness on another.

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