3 e’s and 5 s’…….

i feel useless

definition of life


niche in life


my craziness,incoherent

smug and wittiness,

all lost


no idea of thought.


life block

was watching derren brown trick of mind recently, he is good, for a physchic. really realy good. so its life block. failed to do what i should do. cant reason things out, cant think straight, and no, D is not it miss cheri.

Kanye west sang that life is a bitch,depending on how you dress her. if you sulk allyour life, so will it. have had one of the toughest minths, this semester is finishing and still i feel an emptiness, a void, in trying to find me self, i have found nothing. I say, has the thought process been attacked by a virus,…

true, there seems to be nothing coherent in my life except chaos…and in the end, it will have to mean something. am a blogger, and what should i write,


life issuess

real issues


i think not. my deliberatism to follow english nuances is something even i have failed to understand. english..the correct one now sounds wrong, influence of drugs,sorry, slung has spoilt the whole essence of being smart.

in the end, i write gibberish, the chaos theory.