Mental Block…the blogdisease


Mental block, we should stand up and fight this disease
itmhas come and attacked!
It has become contagiuos to all.

Loss of kaboozi
Incosistence in the posts
Few or no comments
Repitition of ideas
Similar stories all over
personal crisis, international disaster in blogren
A tsunami of gossiping, seriously


Go crazy. Go beyond boundaries.
Begin relationships if single and dump if courting

Lose it, ………my head, this disease, uhhhhhhhhhhh

The new year, the old year, xmas bonznza

The Chosen One
I was born in 1988
She was born in 1999
Mine is 3 4
Hers’  is 15 12
Mine is C K K
Hers’ is C C C K K
We are C^4 K^4
I complete her, She completes Me
Difference in years 11,
K is the 11th Letter
Both years divisible by 11
I Get to double her age when she is 11


Happy Birthday.

Well, av been of the air long enough it hurts to type, but am back, happy with what the new wordpress dash board is like. i didn’t wish any blogren happy christmas and a blessed new year but i was told that we make our own luck. So peace and prosperity to yall.

This xmas was a whirl wind of experiences from the villages of Ibanda to the Murchision falls, am proud to say am now Ugandan, soon to be completed. I saw the beasts of this earth up close and personal, the rapids at the fall and the rainbow, these to admire. Beauty my blogren, beauty my readers, BEAUTY. The journey though exhausting, i dare say, totally worth it. Travelling over 2000km in 8 (eight days) such a feat never achieved in a x-mas season. I sat down to write this experience, and a summary could not best exploit my story, from the burning sun, to the goat roasting, to cakes and wine for breakfast. This was the best x-mas ever. This story will be told another time.


Ever felt angry at yourself for saying things..every felt weak after your archilles foot is wasted, ever felt desperate at your strongest moment, ever felt nothingness after alot of somethingness, my x-mas period though full became empty after tumbling of a few walls. Speechless at this very moment but yeah…i think am getting a system malfunction. Am drowning in my own pool of spit, regrets, feel i should close this book i have been living. Am out.


ever wondered why some guys are rich and a few you are poor, yeah, i got the down low. Was listening to the famous and rich entreprenuer, The patrick bitature, gave me advice i would want to share but i will tell when am rich, call it being selfish, but being me,. the trick is changing your mind set, setting a few high goals, being flexible, finding yourslef in the cashflow and utilising the very few opportunities that come your way,discipline being the key to success and the idea that rome was not built in one day being the door to your wealth. Enough said.

free internet is not healthy coz right now am fighting a few souls for a wireless link thats not getting me anywhere.


Life in totallity is what you make of  it. All we do is help you shape, and if aint right, you are allowed to throw us out. The most i can do is listen, the best i can do is be there, the answers to your questions are right infront of you, all you got to do is see. Was shocked by that relevation if you meant to get at me, but it hurts you. Never regret any decisions you make, always look forward and plan, decide, have control. Fear of something is that which we think can hurt us most, but you got an imagination, one that will only be yours, all you have to do is……………….be.