i was in ethiopia last month, a story i tried to tell but could not because what i experienced then, i still have failed to find here at home…if only wishes were horses…thats not the point..this is my 21st year i believe and so..this is my year of redemption, i only beg  for you readers not to do what i think i have to do. peace

i wonder, what if

money came from trees,
Guns were for free,
men gave birth,
People read minds(mine especially)
I could fly,
we grew younger,..i wonder..

If i told you that…we are, no, i am the chosen one. I KNOW, sounds cool doesn’t it..crazy when hese things happen..

Huh, what an evening.


i feel dark today as i have the past few weeks, probably also the past months, an under achiever i have become. so dark the corn of woman am still in shock, i wonder when the recovery will be. i sit in despair only hoping, hoping that thee fair lady will come knocking or shall she…i don’t know.

other news,

Yes we can, yes we have…

Twilight, a good read..waiting to watch the movie, hope it will capture the little adventure swimming in my brain…

I can see the twilight, the beautiful sun set…cool breeze, under the tree shed, right next to the church, as the angels sing to me, only to calm my mental state, craziness is due, cant take this God foresaken world…tiers on the verge.

random thoughts towards the beauty i once held now gone, not forever but lost, in my dimension, i seek light, away from this darkness am in. peace