Lies Lies Lies

We shared the same land though we were enemies.
We claimed we were human as we watched our chldren starve.
We said we were not corrupt as we squandered the needies money.
We sinned today and went to church tomorrow.
We cried out our eyes yet we felt joy.

I am a sinner, I dont go to church on Sunday
I am not corrupt, I dont have the money to spend
I have no land, no enemies to waste my time hating
I failed to cry, i had no tears of joy.

They tear at my skin for land they have left barren.
They are corrupt there stomachs bubble with the loot
They cry because they will be beaten
They are sinners they steal from church

What are we…….
tue lies, good deeds for wrong reasons..
More rich, more poor, not vice versa.


These lies,lies lies,

He said we are what we know…not to know
Presence in the absence
Deep thoughts from shallow pools of water.

Confusion…these thoughts of mine

Crazy world.

Sharing names has become a problem, one of these many days… so here is whay happened last Thursday, i met this nice looking lady, i walk up to her and give her the “introduction”. Tall, light skinned, funny guy…blah blah blah. She replys by saying,” Do i know you!””.. Astonished and surprised, i querry her source of information, and so it seems some brother or so shares a similar name, and skills. Ying and yang, tells of fate..i was almost slapped, but hey, like i said, am tall and she walks away.  Am still in shock i cant get the story straight.