Crazy….mental conversation…really…

THe coolest nigga. We have reached the easter season, and that time has come for us to pray to the Lord, for forgiveness, for life. Those times when you are down and fail to come up. my blog has been down and it has failed to come up. why am i lying to myself…i need him now more than ever. it hurts to be forgotten..but why then do i insist on fighting him. the sins i commit yet i wake to ask him for his wealth. am suffering, from what i cant really define but the excessive information i have crammed up in my head has failed to produce something worth reading…the fewer the comments. my obsession with school  just to drown all my fears……. is just me running away from the truth..the truth that am only man, man who has very many weaknessess…i wish i could blame some one..but probably who, i know not who to blame, or do i…the devil..that girl who caught my eye, now points a needle towards the pupil…arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Where is my mother..she knows, yes ,she nows. or i my just guessing as usual, seeing things i want to, creating my own world. i need to catch my breath, my confusion is writhing, my head, it hurts………………the light, i think i see it. NOOOOOOOO. Darkness.


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