stress and other thoughts…

I was happy..

I thought it was my happy hour

Whatever that actually meant

She came and made me happy

More happy than i will ever be

She still makes me happy, will always

Then they came,hated me, because..

I was me, i became an issue

Me, an issue, seriously… they need to be warned


I have a paper, i havenot read, i dont want to

Reading is taxing

Being happy is taxing, worse when you are unhappy

I am me, will always

Am strong, my paws…claw at anything

My canines gnaw at anything

Fear is my first and last name

So fear not, your death will be pain…less

really painless….
Am strong…fierce…cannibalistic
a  blood thirsty vampire..but

remember…these are just thoughts

Hi rachel, this is for you, try reading between the lines.
Btw…she is hot.

my weekend.

It was fun

I spent day with her

Vodacom blue bulls whalloped crusaders in super 14

Arsenal won match 4-1 against stoke

Lakers beat Nuggets, we up 2-1 in series

south Africa is close to clinching sevens circuit trophy.

angry at ferrari, massa and kimi are not doing anything

its her and only her, confessing it

feeling a little sick, not sure what to make of it

am on a roll, school almost done

business, entreprenuership, on form….i gats the dough..

i hate shallow-ness, my friend makes me sharp, totally cool

reading nothing at the moment though the twilight series rocked

watched sex drive, nice movie, genre is all the same, stereotyping it, like any other teenager movie acted by adults, they don’t know what really happens, most times they forgot

strating up a coffee shop, any ideas…

tender love…full force, those guys are dead though that song really rocks for me…new hit game, lady gaga. Is she a prostitute turned singer or i my mistaking her to some hore i saw in one of those adult movie collections.

is it her or its just only her….

friday rocked

saturday knocked

sunday socked

moday…today..just socks…am out.

1000hits, 106 comments, 56 posts.

1000 hits…106 comments….56 posts

I would probably be gloating about this simple yet fulfilling thing. I call it thing because I have no words for it but probably my bloggers block is done and out.

I hate telemundos or telenovas…like most men, I do. Yet can’t resist but watch because she gon be wasting your a** if you haven’t. You get what I mean.

I think am in love or fear am in love. All those masculine hormones that surrounded that muscle they call a heart melted away because of her, and as you realise, the last few posts have been about her or related to her. Men, i may nolonger be a bachelor.

I hate telenovas….reasons being!

There is always a rich family verses a poor family

They have awkward titles like; second chance…gardeners daughter…two sides of anna…woman of my life..i know this because i don’t want my a** kicked…and these are what i refer to as “Hollywood bi-nigeria,”. These are incomplete sentences.

These days they are watched with popcorn and are sold on dvd’s like any other series.

In these things like any other bi-nigeria, as i was comparing them in above close, they pray a lot. For love, for bloody everything.

Lastly…even if most men deny watching them, they enjoy them coz they hope they will get answers to the many puzzles women give. Trying to avoid that headache…

buterflies in my stomach

butterflies in my stomach

I think I feel my stomach grumble, not from lunch I had, or breakfast….but because of that one person I have failed to hold eye contact with whenever I meet her.

 Her smile warms me…chills me

Her hands hold me…can’t leave me

Her body embraces me…hugging me


I run down to Wandegs at midnight to get her food, all the while thinking,” she is not sleeping hungry because of me,”


I believe am one of those male chauvinist bastards that cannot be accepted by those high class princesses, why then should she fall for a beast like me. The monster in me refuses to allow for that yet she has seen beyond that. Today I heard we are preparing supper together, now that’s something to look forward to.


This woman….el cuerpo del ……or is it love.


1ooo hits, 100 comments, 55 posts and counting…thank you.

So i almost puked my guts out…!

So I finished my last paper on Thursday…it was a great triumph since Uncle Ari (lecturer) kept on mentioning my name in class, he even gave me marks for attending his classes…but that’s because I wasn’t the brightest, these things of resolving forces on structures was just to imaginary for me, anyway back to the point. It started out on Thursday after my afternoon paper…I was done, finished. And it being a Thursday, only one place rocks it for me…Rock night at steak out. Me and my friends decided to see Friday’s morning sun, it had been long.
So we psyche for the evening by taking mugs of coffee, can’t seem to trust ourselves, if will make it for tomorrow’s rising, not with this unpredictable rain. So around 11.00, first bunch heads out, to survey and give us the details for who is who and who is in the house. A message later comes in, that the place is warming up, a transition from corporate to campus crazy. We head out A.S.A.P, we don’t want to be left out on the roll call list, my attendance during exam period was unmentionable.
Clock 12.00 midnight
We are being checked by the bouncer…he barely lifts his arm when he realises that we are the usual suspects, just ushers us in. crowd behind is pouring in.

We are at the counter, we quickly ask for 2(two) Alvaros(that sweet substance used in cocktails)…and a quarter UG, the great African waragi, and we make our cocktails.
Half a waragi is in my tumbler and the sweet cocktail juice…we call it punch. A mixture of alcohol and sugar, a baby wouldn’t live to tell the story. And the party begins

My blood has endured the fast paced rock music sipping through my ears, some cocktails and continuous vigorous shaking that they call dancing. It’s getting dirty at a faster rate than usual. Risk of black out 25%. We are getting there.

Reminiscing on the semester, can’t fail but regret why I did the bloody course. The books are overwhelmingly frustrating. This calls for a shot, and down with the cocktail, now turn to those brown curviliscious bodies, the brown bottle, Ugandan men’s finest woman substitute, you just love it, and its very cheap, you don’t have to dress it, unlike those real women.

50%, my heart is pumping the juices through my body, I start beating it like Mike J, even better than MJ. The fact that am near scantly dressed young girls, things just keep on getting worse, blood is almost at boiling water…if using that phrase can give you the idea better.

Voice recognition low, slurry…eye sight, slanted, close to night blindness. Body movement, incoherent with the music playing. Sounds seem to be loud. More alcohol. At this time, I think there are probably mixes of a Club, 2 Bells and some Guinness with a tinge of Smirnoff, the mind has reached its zenith, body in equilibrium…mind has lost control of the body carrying.

Dead and almost gone…but not yet out. Voice recognition devices needed hear. Starting to sound like one of those robbers with enhanced base and a mixture of some T-pain n’ Lil Wayne. Swagger in full mode, a little shouting. Blood to alcohol ratio, in percentage, 100%. Skipped 75% because I was beyond that in 30 mins.

Some where around 6.00, the rain starts to fall heavy, all the while I was jumping around, now its time to sit, my leg feeling out, control of hands…0(zero), now losing control of body and mind, now in hands of the alcohol. Sitting down worsens the situation because it’s when it becomes more active and settles. Nervous system shut down…

I start to remember what I ate for supper as it hits the oesophagus, the stomach repels the excess concoction of beverage I have had. I start to curse every tiny bit of drop I took and hope I don’t go towards the light. Then “SPLASH”, followed by, another “BIG SPLASH”, argh vomit…the stomach pain. The bouncers quickly throw me into the rain.

White light.

I can see the stars, the clear blue sky, the sun begins to trickle, taking over the rain…my heart starts to beat…ti..ti..ti,(mu luganda) think it sounds like that. My little life just flashed before me, my problems forgotten, I think, temporarily, all this fuss about education and everything I hate. My guts, I pick them up, swallow them….

She picks me up, I allow for it, she’s soft compared to my rugged skinned tanned with numerous cuts I got from playing that sport. It’s warm here, I have to stay here, only for a little longer. My eyes open,…. am told we closed the bar, but she’s still there, right next to me. I almost puked my guts for this damsel, just her warmth. I’ll do it next time, and this time, am aiming for a leg.

I almost puked my guts out after being given the sack. Life sucks for real.

On the other hand

Lol on the Nigerian movie critique…They always bandage the head even when shot in the chest…and every thing is spiritual…and the high God is & can be reached by a bloody pastor…huh…this shallow African perception is nerve wrecking… Wole Soyinka

Life…unhappy ending

We concluded you were the reason for the blow

It was that time in the relationship when you said enough is enough…you had had enough…after the blow, you still hang in there hoping for the best to come…looking for the ultimate reason as to why you have to lose her things she’s been giving you to walk another 6 months before you can recover from starvation..hunger n’ anger.


She kicked you, she nowadays sleep before midnight trying to avoid that 99%, she pays more attention to her friends than she actually gives…the friends she actually hated when you were with her….you are done for but you still hang in there hoping that she could change, you are hanging on a few broken strings you left..she nolonger leaves her underwear at your place..she even packed her tooth brush…that time for you has come for you to leave…or rather let her go and you stay at your place alone…you’re done…but life!


You start looking for reasons like her ex-boyfriends, are persistent…her hair..her legs..that aggresive passionate kiss that left a few wounds on your lower lip…that she eats both yours and her food…the expenses are sky rocketing..from chocolate…to cakes…to meals…to staying at your place…to airtime to call her parents…to a car…sounds bad..since you still’ leaving on your Father’s monies… You are looking for the ultimate reason…to hung up before she actually picks up the phone…those insecurites that didn’t matter

Life…turns out it was just a dream…as she rests her head on your chest…you’re hoping it can go on…

Life was supposed to be
Was supposed to be a film
Was supposed to be a thriller
Was suppoed to end in blood
Why can’t the happy ending be

But life
Could be nothing but a joke
Here is the scene when you are supposed to save me
from the unhappy ending
                                        Life…Unhappy ending        the Star