Life…unhappy ending

We concluded you were the reason for the blow

It was that time in the relationship when you said enough is enough…you had had enough…after the blow, you still hang in there hoping for the best to come…looking for the ultimate reason as to why you have to lose her things she’s been giving you to walk another 6 months before you can recover from starvation..hunger n’ anger.


She kicked you, she nowadays sleep before midnight trying to avoid that 99%, she pays more attention to her friends than she actually gives…the friends she actually hated when you were with her….you are done for but you still hang in there hoping that she could change, you are hanging on a few broken strings you left..she nolonger leaves her underwear at your place..she even packed her tooth brush…that time for you has come for you to leave…or rather let her go and you stay at your place alone…you’re done…but life!


You start looking for reasons like her ex-boyfriends, are persistent…her hair..her legs..that aggresive passionate kiss that left a few wounds on your lower lip…that she eats both yours and her food…the expenses are sky rocketing..from chocolate…to cakes…to meals…to staying at your place…to airtime to call her parents…to a car…sounds bad..since you still’ leaving on your Father’s monies… You are looking for the ultimate reason…to hung up before she actually picks up the phone…those insecurites that didn’t matter

Life…turns out it was just a dream…as she rests her head on your chest…you’re hoping it can go on…

Life was supposed to be
Was supposed to be a film
Was supposed to be a thriller
Was suppoed to end in blood
Why can’t the happy ending be

But life
Could be nothing but a joke
Here is the scene when you are supposed to save me
from the unhappy ending
                                        Life…Unhappy ending        the Star


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