buterflies in my stomach

butterflies in my stomach

I think I feel my stomach grumble, not from lunch I had, or breakfast….but because of that one person I have failed to hold eye contact with whenever I meet her.

 Her smile warms me…chills me

Her hands hold me…can’t leave me

Her body embraces me…hugging me


I run down to Wandegs at midnight to get her food, all the while thinking,” she is not sleeping hungry because of me,”


I believe am one of those male chauvinist bastards that cannot be accepted by those high class princesses, why then should she fall for a beast like me. The monster in me refuses to allow for that yet she has seen beyond that. Today I heard we are preparing supper together, now that’s something to look forward to.


This woman….el cuerpo del ……or is it love.


1ooo hits, 100 comments, 55 posts and counting…thank you.


2 thoughts on “buterflies in my stomach

  1. so thats the bloody hell where you spent all the money i gave you…no more pocket money for wandegs


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