1000hits, 106 comments, 56 posts.

1000 hits…106 comments….56 posts

I would probably be gloating about this simple yet fulfilling thing. I call it thing because I have no words for it but probably my bloggers block is done and out.

I hate telemundos or telenovas…like most men, I do. Yet can’t resist but watch because she gon be wasting your a** if you haven’t. You get what I mean.

I think am in love or fear am in love. All those masculine hormones that surrounded that muscle they call a heart melted away because of her, and as you realise, the last few posts have been about her or related to her. Men, i may nolonger be a bachelor.

I hate telenovas….reasons being!

There is always a rich family verses a poor family

They have awkward titles like; second chance…gardeners daughter…two sides of anna…woman of my life..i know this because i don’t want my a** kicked…and these are what i refer to as “Hollywood bi-nigeria,”. These are incomplete sentences.

These days they are watched with popcorn and are sold on dvd’s like any other series.

In these things like any other bi-nigeria, as i was comparing them in above close, they pray a lot. For love, for bloody everything.

Lastly…even if most men deny watching them, they enjoy them coz they hope they will get answers to the many puzzles women give. Trying to avoid that headache…


2 thoughts on “1000hits, 106 comments, 56 posts.

  1. me too!
    but can be funny sometimes, when the mouthin doesnt fit with the english voice over, or when they pick a totally random voice for a character that doesnt fit at all!

  2. finally a truthful miss eizzy he likes ‘Telenovs’.why dont you admit too ,you know all their titles,almost every character lets give you time you will be speacking like them….

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