my weekend.

It was fun

I spent day with her

Vodacom blue bulls whalloped crusaders in super 14

Arsenal won match 4-1 against stoke

Lakers beat Nuggets, we up 2-1 in series

south Africa is close to clinching sevens circuit trophy.

angry at ferrari, massa and kimi are not doing anything

its her and only her, confessing it

feeling a little sick, not sure what to make of it

am on a roll, school almost done

business, entreprenuership, on form….i gats the dough..

i hate shallow-ness, my friend makes me sharp, totally cool

reading nothing at the moment though the twilight series rocked

watched sex drive, nice movie, genre is all the same, stereotyping it, like any other teenager movie acted by adults, they don’t know what really happens, most times they forgot

strating up a coffee shop, any ideas…

tender love…full force, those guys are dead though that song really rocks for me…new hit game, lady gaga. Is she a prostitute turned singer or i my mistaking her to some hore i saw in one of those adult movie collections.

is it her or its just only her….

friday rocked

saturday knocked

sunday socked

moday…today..just socks…am out.


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