stress and other thoughts…

I was happy..

I thought it was my happy hour

Whatever that actually meant

She came and made me happy

More happy than i will ever be

She still makes me happy, will always

Then they came,hated me, because..

I was me, i became an issue

Me, an issue, seriously… they need to be warned


I have a paper, i havenot read, i dont want to

Reading is taxing

Being happy is taxing, worse when you are unhappy

I am me, will always

Am strong, my paws…claw at anything

My canines gnaw at anything

Fear is my first and last name

So fear not, your death will be pain…less

really painless….
Am strong…fierce…cannibalistic
a  blood thirsty vampire..but

remember…these are just thoughts

Hi rachel, this is for you, try reading between the lines.
Btw…she is hot.


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