FLow, i neEd my crAzy baCK

My crazy is missing, the past few days have seen me traverse the earth looking for my chi,(whatever that means),but my chi is missing.
My inspiration is gone haywire, i cant seem to get things right or blog sense, a much needed vacation i deserve. Am speechless, like always when this happens, i have no reason….i need inspiration.
Can’t believe am playing mafia wars on face book. Thats how unspirational i have become. School sucks, fool of socks. Am full of anger, not sure what is going on in my current state of life. My reitsu is flowing out of me, i have no limit on my spirit energy. 
I type aimlessly hoping for inspiration to slap me in the face,no bitch slap me, but it,i mean she is fucking not. What to do, what to do. Am on a roll and this should not just happen. Does anyone out there feel me?
If i could rhyme, like my toungue had slime, then i would be on fire…but, i dont feel the vibe. I mean, its not like this has not happened before, but this, is bloody freaky.

i hate and like,and my crazy thoughts are…

Movies with poor scripts, blimey, we are not there or here to watch cartoons…this is not some quacky spelling kids show…this is for you, uhm, cant seem to get it right (the movie) they are to many

leverage, now we are talking of series to watch, to die for.

terminator salvation, the governor, is not back…

As if, wow, this series rocks… i recommend

what happens to the comment i get in russian or something, do i delete them, besides, rock on, there are reading me in russia…

i hate campus, my course, i will never stop hating

this manga hentai thing miss eizzy, respect, manga rocks…

i went back home, my jail time started…the tin cup and plates from the wandegs paper bags i am used to…lubobi…i hate your guts

am not crazy, am i, cause i am starting to think i am..or might be

i really, really didn’t want to edit this post. editing sucks

i want to be, just me, prolly fail at anyhting  i try to do…hacking, smacking , fucking..oops

my mind dumped me, seriously, and thinks we are getting back, hum, am not the cheap…i do books, lots and lots of books

about love, can you actually love 2 people…food for thought.

thinking is bloody deadly. just got kicked out of school. how bad can this education system get f*****  up.

what if vulgar language was made an official language, wouldn’t that be fantastic. socks.

and to my russian readers, i feel you…totally.

the thoughts, the thoughts, they are killing me, no..nooooooooooooooo 

but if i had a gun, i would shoot you first

what is it with bloggers and blogging,you know a blog is an internet diary, so you are and….get the point

we are not special, nor are we different, we are just suckers for life..



now how dramatic can this get.
miss cheri, where at though!!



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