1901………wolf gang amadeus…phoenix

this is the band i have been listening to of recent, and 1901 is the title of the song.

the chorus has “falling” said mostly….

and recently, M j fell, another Michael i new. Craziest thing is that, i was having fun. It started earlier that evening when my brother returned from school, he was way to hyper especially it being Thursday, but well, may be he’s home not school. So his home, he gets me happy we decide to listen to some M J, thriller… i know my bones are stiff but atleast i can do the moon walk. we are all over the sitting room, jumping up and down.

Later that evening, we are going for a friend’s kasiiki, at T 1 club ( people this clud happens. they have bumper car like seats) anyway, we go for the kasiiki around 11.00pm, am pumped, reason (they have a cool love story these two.) and the free alohol, count me in definately.

Am getting drunk, 3 Smirnoffs and a good number of brown bottles,a few nice women, easy to take down, never better..,now its the dancing,and with enough fuel in my blood (alcohol), i take to the dance floor. Even the Phone stalker cannot remove this little bit of happiness, then….uhm uhm, the dj clears his throat

michael jackson is dancing“…with all the loud noise, that’s for sure what i heard, then he decreases the volume, now they have put on CNN in club, breaking news,

the King of pop is dead………………..ti..ti…ti…ttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, all fun, all music, all…

first thought, dude, M J died on you kasiiki, seriously.

i can feel my feet,this rate of sobering up is crazy

dude, M J is dead…he cant die…he’s immortal.

I’d rather die than him, no… a few tears went, streaming down my heart…

anyway, the above happened between thursday 6.00pm to Friday 10.00am.

Am still sad that the dude is dead but am getting over it. he is still immortal, i can moon walk, backslide all because of him. but it got me thinking, am still mortal, and from the looks, very broke, though he was broke, left 1000 billion dollar debt, from new vision, CNN depicted him as some not- good-enough-to-be a hero, AL jazeera completely kept the news coming about the iran elections, (with a time out on what should be better to broadcast). but yeah, i need a break, i need to introduce the new moon walk, prolly go for a sun tan, become a little orange(better than white), get me some money. besides, the song i was listening ends falling…falling…falling.

lets not fall, its not 1901.


One thought on “Falling…..

  1. Kinda freaky u guys had just been listening to him that evening!
    I was online when i heard…

    As for the news channels, i’m glad Al Jezeera continued as normal, he was all over CNN and surprisingly BBC! I believe geo political issues should be more important than pop culture, especially on news channels.
    Let MTV handle all the MJ coverage!

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