SOme thoughts….really

Michael Jackson has white kids, are they albinos and that’s why they where those dark masks to protect them from the sun,or…

World War 3 would be very much appreciated, now more than ever. Killing would be legal.

Are gals really that shallow…no offense, it gets to me when you play the game by the rules. Some take it upon themselves to call me shallow. That is pretty messed up.

What is being mature to a lady, driving a car? Having money? Talking mature jazz like kids and bank accounts!! Am lost on that one.

Seriously, i believe i can fly. just waiting for my wings to grow.

Poetry is cool, not that cool cool, just cool, like you have to put a poets head in the freezer to get cool poetry,uhm, cool thought.

Michael Jackson died on Edwin’s kassiki. Just cant forget that thought.

I woke on the wrong side of the bar, left it a 6.00 this morning, they had closed me in. Seriously, f**k those security guys,my pants are worth your salary if you actually have one.

Peace to my friend in Mbarara, how is the FloW there. flowless. Milk and honey, something must have stung his head he lost the white matter(read milk)…

Every one gets f**ked, by life, so to “write”, life is very fair. If its not, Get the  f out of it. Seriously.

Its feels good to be the powerful, you little ants that keep on crawling up my bed. I know its cheap wood because i bought it, but hey you better pay rent coz tonight, i got doom. cool staff.

these thoughts, are they for real… what was  i thinking.


5 thoughts on “SOme thoughts….really

  1. dude, i feel you. sometimes you play the game the way its supposd to be played and the chich just doest zig.
    hang out with cooler chicks man, its the only way.

  2. sleek already said it all on the girl issue…

    about being mature, its not about cars and bank accounts (unless u meant mature as a polite way of saying older male aka sugar daddy) mature is…having the brain capacity of thinking deeply abt and around the norm, and being able to handle shit!
    Just so happens it comes with age…

    And those kids arnt really from his sperm, he may look white but his sperm still got nigga written all over them! LoL he just used a white sperm donor…wait, can he even shoot sperm? did his cock also undergo plastic surgery to look “white”?? LoL!!!
    freaky thought!

  3. @eizzy…plastic sperms and a white cock, freaky..pity the surgeon.
    @sleek…randomsies are fun…slow
    @streetsider…its official..only cool chics

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