My Sunday. Cool or not Cool.

I have a lot to say, but very few words to speak or rather write down.Not cool.

I had a miraculous week, i got paid for free labour i was offering at some company and with it, 2 promising contracts. Cool.

I promised myself that this would be the second time in a row to go to church for the right reasons. The wrong reasons definately exclude prayer and piety while in church. Not cool.

But this time, there was a twist to my going to church, they were skewers of pork after praising him and a bucket of ice cream and to top it all, shopping at Nakumat. Cool.

The mass was in Kajjansi at reknowned Kiwamirembe, Giver of peace…transalation for those of you with no true mother tongue. So we head to Destiny pork joint after. Cool.

What about this, seated on Entebbe highway eating a plate of pork on Sunday, best way to start a week. None the less, this place didn’t disappoint, apart from the pork, there was Bicycle Kadongo kamu, or kadongo kamu on bicycles literally. The band travelled miles and miles on bicycles, and sang at a fee of 2000, besides, the drum sticks and guitar were from the bicycles. At one point i actually thought the curent was being generated by the bikes. Cool.

Then there was a police chase, bikers chasing a police bike.The speed,the exhilaration and to top it all, the wind in prolly the police woman’s hair, crazy. Awesome…cool.

So kadongo kamu, pork and police. Crazy but cool.

Then i recieved a message from a friend whose a girl, and she told me she was afraid of letter P. Pork, police and some tool men are born with, i thought she could join me, but the disappointment. i still enjoy some p, pork numb skull.Not cool.

We travelled back to K’la and for a moment the vistas captured along the road reminded me of the hill Kisubi, apparenty i was on it for more than 11 yrs. A very long time, a few tears shed. Uhh, the memories.Though i missed the poetry, i will get updated, that should have topped the topping. Not cool.

We branched of to nakumat, fancy place with the mr. price, gentlemen, nothing supercedes downtown balikuddembe. mr. price, you suck for those cheap expensive prices. But a bucket of ice cream we bought and here i write. Ish cool.

hey bloggers, how was your Sunday! Cool or Not cool, i bloody hate that advert, fanta manyanga.

A period or a full stop in italics.…anyone explain.


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