while surfing through someone’s phone, i came across a few things….

its sexsi if you take pepsi

sex drugs and rock n roll
speed weed and birth control
life’s a bitch and then you die
so fuck the world and lets get high

nobody is a virgin, life fucks every one

Keep smiling, makes people wonder what you are up to

beer, proud sponsors of casual sex

and mine……rocknight, proud sponsors of lungcancer

thats how bored i can be, and i am….

the usuals.

My sunday was there…went for some poetry stuff..and yeah…less is more as far  as poetry is concerned since they were rehearsing.

Project fame….we could do witha little professionality when it comes to holding the suspense. I mean the guy read the names of the evictees like they were roll calling in some school.

Hot cousins and the sinful mind…why! What do you do when you are faced with the hot cousin situation, smile and wave, big embracing tight hug, or tight underwear to hold them things before the pop.

Reading the Christine feehan Dark series, F***  the carpathians/ good vampires or not-turned-to-vampire…and there lifemates..i found a cool way to write clean eroticas. Hot sheath and mr.HIM, yeah, very nice Feehan, how clean.

Mental block, nothing seems to be happening for me as far a good life is concerned. I have had to have closure with not only former ex, but former former former ex. Apparently she wants to know the reason i wlaked away. Woman, you never should have asked, and might  i add the consequences will be heart felt.

Bleach…for all you Manga fans…rocks. After watching Kenshin Himura…(sleek gravatar, please replace with Ichigo’s), i thought sword play had ended there but now…shikai. bankai…hollowfication, resurrection, resurrection secunda…bleach…you rock.

Some body told me i had enuf power to influence a certain group of people, thank you, my ego is now aching i need to release on some shallow psychotic nympho. To say the least, i was appraised i slapped the conductor with my spare change.

Course…my third year…man time flies, am growing old it hurts. I can no longer move my bones like i used to. I went to play the “game” on saturday an i came back all sore i needed a massage. Uh..gone are the days.

greek….new series or old, not really sure. just doing some advertising esp for those into college series. Its drama is quite evoking of recent memories and escapades.

So the kids are back from school…and the the bread is limited. I know, sounds ridiculous but man, me lives on bread mostly…nebigenderako.

Am learning a native language. I know, sounds ridiculous but, i need to otherwise.

To all my lady friends, i can only write this, whats with the issues. Its surprising when you listen to the “issues” but the men know what am talking about, and they call me heartless for not understanding. How do explain to someone that issues like hippos in Munyonyo are more important to us who spend our weekends there rather mr. boyfie who forgot to say goodmorning. My men, if i know your woman and she has issues she’s telling me, i dare say, be very scared.

And breaking news,i have seen the light. The blackness and bleakness in me i have been experiencing vaporized the moment i saw her.

I hate the american english dictionary. They make the queens langauge sound uncomplicated.

It was the week, and was tired, so…blessed week to you, read your bible and pray everyday otherwise i will be visiting soon, to collect your damned souls.

peace out.


She’s…..might be the one!


i ache, not for her body
but our souls
Nsync we are
we fail our bodies,
perspiring in different undulations
only in our heads

i ache,not for her body,
but my other half
our eyes tell it all
burning images in them
holding our gaze

i ache, not for her body
but her touch
her fingers on my spine
mine in her sheath
biting my lips for a mere control

i ache, not for her body
but her small weak heart
beating to the rhythm of mine
beating in synchrony
drumming when we touch

i ache, for her body
mine in hers
hers in mine
souls scared forever together
blood boiling at same degree
in the most wrong places

i ache, only for her…

happy birth day baby bro

i know you wont read this

i know you are at school

you make our lives miserable

you dont know how to sleep

you are a nasty piece of anger

you rock my world

you make me the happiest big bro



happy  birthday Godric kazooba

kazba, boja, my man…

9 years is definately something. awesome.