concepts concepts and more concepts

Some one once told me that trying to live life was impossible because the concept itself is straining in trying to understand it.

That we start to live when we die….or that if we believe we are light, then we start to exist without being because light travels. Am there and am not there.

That we spend an eternity trying to define ourselves then we die.

What is life, some concept we hardly can concieve or just some part of our imagination we are dreaming we will wake from………..

That all man’s failures have been attributed to a higher power.

That may be all the stuff we like to imagine is true, that we have to believe it.

I mean with over 6 billion people in this world, one has to be right, one has to know the answers.

That science sees the world in light years and the Bible in just a thousand…yet both have proof.


that above is aload of bullshit everyone worth thinking about has come across….sorry if i dont think you are capable. just being me.

am doing this course, perverse in nature that we have to define our work in one word, a concept… concepts, concepts and more bloody concepts…life


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