out of control..

Feels good…

Listening to some old music…

On something called an I-pod…

That collects music…

Only your favourite music…

Haa..uhhhhhh, those days.

Been a while since i wrote something, and wow, Miss Cheri….been a while…the surprise when i found a comment.

Anyways, enuf of the chit chat, as i was saying, been a while since i blogged, feels good to be back, but this is just for a while, life on my end is in a state of demise, dispute…all the “D” words that have disappointment in them. But i have to write something…

Building lasting relationships…thats what it stands for. its time for a player to hang his boots and retire, this cat and mouse game has been going on for long am tired. Time to win me a world cup…have come close to, playing the semifinals against some rivals she wont reveal for that would be there end, but getting this far has been hard earned and fought for…celibate nights with her, long phone calls and restricted parting…i know, but at least its worth while. But here is where i stop, and love is way over rated, i dont know what to call this. But…just but.

That place parents take us to so they can be alone, i wonder what they are up to. Making money or just vacationing. But yeah, this here school sucks..the stress levels are high am beginning to get stretch marks on my forehead due to over frowning. Apparently we have no say in our education…palizzz, you have no pay or students without us….to you my lovely hated tutor. You suck. Non the less, i dont think you will be reading this, now, will you?

cant get any at school….am stooping this low.

Hi, am me, looking for sugar mummy, one with no stretch marks to compete with my forehead…light, tiny and portable, very high sense of humour, easy going and very loaded, i dont want half my school fees being spent on your welfare…just saying.. to care, to listen and have fun, am still a virgin if that sells more…and some few who have seen have run..i dont know why…but. yeah thats it…leave me your contact when you read this.

Power play.
Now this goes to the girl am dating…am the man in the relationship..so stop being pompous and commanding about everythingΒ  or else you might end up looking for that ka guy i stole you from…(UHHHHHHHHHH)the crowd cheers….but you know i feel you, prolly buy the whole lake to show you how far am willing to have you. and if you want the power back, please ask next time, when you see i have to much on my plate.

Phoenix….Wolfgang Amadeus… they rock.

Christine Feehan collection….yeah, have the Pdf, 4000 pages to read, done only 1000, not bad.

Very fair, hate it or love it…its just that…

We are not here to perpetuate your ignorance”……Sam kisa, one of my fav tutors…followed by get out you punk…

Enuf said….sugar mum, hala back ASAP…as soon as possible…

Hi Miss Cheri….you were of so long and wow…..btw, how did you know the late Michael Birungi


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