the yearin 2009

this year in words….boring…speechless…invigrating…mind boggling…but i have not found my peace. i have achieved mental bliss but peace…naaah…still searching…

searching…yes i am…very difficult to get by in this bloody world if you are not complete…and am not saying am single but i still feel empty and my birch aint fulfilling her part of the burgain…but

To business..income this year has been on the low, like when i wanted to party and resorted to taking alvaro instead of a cold beer(s) and then am now addicted to alvaro and realised its a non-alcoholic alcoholic drink coz they use malt in it…so…no beers, i quit due to my current addiction to alvaro and the ladies like it or so they sa…please dont try this at home, pg 18.

women…i like but you ladies do know how to turn a guy gay. from carrying your handbags to laying you beds and putting on pink sweaters, what say you, phew, am lucky i quit before it was to late…anyways, the women this year have been disappointing i have ended the year on a celibate note. seriously…again, dont try this at home..

ME…i have changed, my year of 21, surprising, number looks small but i bloody feel old. its like my bones are all wobbly and hurt every morning. my life has been a spiral of events my mind blacks out on some…so if i met you this year, i will probably have forgotten you next year, especially you crazy bitch that made me go crazy thats y am calling you a crazy bitch…

my blog…ever so calling yet me lack jazz…but i am going to crown this with my opinions of the years starting now.

best song of the year… DOA…Jay z
best album of the year..Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus….Phoenix, Blueprint 3 rocked
Video of the year….help me  out here, not a big fun…but DOA takes it
Beyonce’s 3 lady video stunt rocked, i dare say, even if they were monotonous, they did bring here cool side out…dangerously in love with her..pun intended
Joke of the year, xrix brown slapping riri…apparently she dass/ abused his dancing…like she was like,” Chris, i dance better than you! dah”, she thought it was a joke, and he was like, watch this back hand slap…some crazy move he invented there and then…

Hottest chic of the year, Megan Fox…nuf said

Hottest dude, apart from me…naah, this opinion is gay

Hottest flick….Rock N rolla…

NBa…Lakers rulr
Rugby…South Africa and the Blue bulls
Soccer..Uganda and Arsenal
Nfl Colts…14-1, best season…payton manning

swagger of the year, Jay z, your jeans to tight, the colours to bright, i can wear black 4 years straight, and i gat Beyonce, so all the single ladies…put a ring on it….

series…royal pains, glee and scrubs…though scrubs is alittle gay, i adre say its watchable and again, pg 18 here..

afro is back in business, old schools andthe youth of today putting on torn clothes saying its design and in vogue, i ask, dont you get cold…

ice of the year, after he broke up, he was like, thank you, you are the reason i almost turned gay…seriously, kudos dude…

principle(s) of the year, there is not anything you shouldn’t be able to walk away from in 15 secs flat…

beef of the year…my lecturers…i hate you guys i just cant wait for the sem to begin and…am a little lost here but yeah, they make me hate my holodays….

gadget of the year…my kabiriti followed by my ipod…they kept me in sync with the world…

fb…webpage of the year, wordpress, you come in second…orbit downloader, software of the year…

Bleach…manga and anime of the year, japanese, languag of the year, arigato goseimus…

my jacket has to appear somewhere in this blog…imported all the way from ethiopia to ug, i dare say it has kept me warm. it has all these cool pockets and accentuates my swagger by far a multiple number of times

Obama, prezo of the year…George bush, joke of the year, he almost got shoesinated

phrase of the year, “i rorr arone, wtf…”

blog of the year, sleek i commend you, you got me reading while finding my peace….kudos…monday massacres…like i hope youare not fired…that would be a monday massacre…

abbreviation of the year…LMAO…laugh my ass off…LOL…wtf…

and i think this is part one of my end of year series, i have to cross check with my calender to see if i missed something out…forgive me, no punctution or abbreviation, keyboard in cafe sucks…WTF


One thought on “the yearin 2009

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