OK, 2009 over, 2010 start

well, 2009 will officially be over in 8hrs and wtf have you done to welcome it…well here is some proggie, you are not to bloody old to watch fire works so head down to parliament,…uuhhhhhmmmmm, yes parliament…you can see all fire works from there.

GC is down there, sheraton is up there, and next to it, that other hotel whose name just skipped my mind.

so, i had to blog, finish of the yaer knowing tomorrow, come what may, i will have 2009 in my past…and with it memories which i dont want to remember.

blogsphere or blogsville has been interesting this year and i dare say…am back.

today is thursday so rock night is officailly on…

YOU, yes you, you should watch this movie, Revolver, the writer of the script really carefully crafted those lines to a level where am like, damn, is this for real…its a beautiful movie and one i seriously recommend before the year ends…watch tonight, coz 2moro is a new year.

well, something i have noticed this year is my growth, it expanded till it couldnot expand no more…

well, let me skip this nonsense and just welcome you into the new year….enuf said..

HAPPY 2010…GOODBYE 2009…

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