I spoke to Jigga

So, men have these things they call babies to, yeah, sounds ludicrous or ridiculous depending on what kind of english you speak. Back to the point, am man’s baby will revolve from his phone, to i-pod, to….but you get the point. So, i recently got myself some babies, Sub whoofers whatever you want to call them, and they do there job in keeping me up awake most nights.

so, last night, i was listening to them when i fell asleep. during this time, jay Z’z D.O.A, death of Auto tune was playing and this time i had the mic with me. i was rapping hardcore shit as Jigga flowed by my side. After i was like, Jay z, whats with dissing todays rappers and all, kanye uses auto tune to, nigga.

He was like, Nigga, dont be all calling me a nigga, a f**ked up rich, nigga is for those dudes who still be hustling in those hoods. I now bes a rich basturd. besides, i was on the forbes list of richest be, you calling me black is disrespectful.

hey, jigga, i was wondering why you diss autotune freaks….not you being rich and all. so, what about kanye, in the album 808 and heart breaks, it was produced using auto tune, whats up with that.

hey, i now own the Shai town so you dont be hating on kanye. besides, it was on one album, t-pain is to much, he bes wanting to hit on my B, hell no, he goes down for that shit.

what about Dj khaled, were you dissing him to that he spends most of the time introducing rappers and sending shout outs to his fellas on his songs, how do you give him 16 bars, he will prolly spend most of that time screaming.

Khalled….hhahahaha..(you know how he bes laughing)…nigga is from miami dade, he representing…thats all Nigga.

Now jigga, i thought we be friends, why you all be dissing me. am lighter than y’all.

hey, f**k that shit, am richer than y’all. i got my own building…i have my own champagne…what you saying.

so, i understand you didn’t go to school, what do you say about that…

school f**ked up, niggas be carrying guns and weed in there bags. what do you expect me to go there. nigga no go bust my lips for that shit.

so, Jigga, how you be kissing beyonce…

Nigga get the f**k outta here before my roc boys bust your lips to, give me my mic.

at this point i was rudely woken up by the neighbours bloody chicken.i need to listen to beyonce tonight, i prolly will get some shit going. am outta here, jay z be looking for who broke into his mansion….it wasn’t me though.


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