Xter Inc.

Character Incorporated

Incorporated;(dic)-take in or include as part of a whole

Its is not a political agenda
Neither is it a circus arena
Its not religional and
Neither is it secular

Its who you are
Its who I am
Its what we should be
Its just the right thing to do

Its not part of the sexual network movement
Its just incorporating there message and more
Its a correctional network.

It might be a campaign,
But only a moral standing
On what i think I am
Neither leftist, or rightist
Wrong or right
Straight or Curved
I am character.

Incorporated we sell
and a whole bunch of citizenship.

Am a citizen, Zen in my city…therefor

Character, Worth the Price
Its time

I spoke to Ice Cube….

Now, my man Ice….s we all know him or as he calls himself jack in the box came to me in my dream. It wasn’t  Jigga this time but Cube, famous movies like Friday, Next Friday and friday after Next. So, i spoke to him this time. We was in the studios and he was showing me the original NWA (Niggaz With Attitude) where my dad was among them, Easy E, ok not real dad but My hiphop dad, my godfather as we call them.

So…Ice Cube, NWA, whats with that…i thought like that ws scooby stuff, getting gang names to use like when we was in high school…so tell us..

My nigga, shit aint like that for us, we was raised on the streets of Cali, where you find ll sorts of dudes, the Columbians, the Mexicanas, them niggas be around so we had to mek our presence know…NWA…is like that for us, you know what am saying.

So…Ice( can i call you ice), how did you come up with that Name…who gave it to you..

Not really sure, may be coz i froze every nigga that came my way or something about my rap being cold it froze hell over…pick one

Uhm…i see, so whats with the new album. Is it also due to your fascination with these hiphop crapper wannabes…I mean T pain and company.

Nah…I got rap or Raw footage is more to everyone who thinks hiphop gone down the drain. And besides its been a while, making movies and all took most of my time. Raw footage is what hiphop is ll about…

His personal assistant makes a brief appearance….and i lose some of my concentration.

So, i listened to yo album and unlike ny other album…its clean, crisp, no vulgarities…and you promoting character or something like that. are you a softy who cuddles cats mister coz you are like the Thugnificent of hiphop. and Jigga said he had Obama on a text, what you gat…Speed dial..

hahaha…Jigga is from new york, those nigga no nothing about Mexicans shit here and the sun…Obama is mycousin..nuf said…

Like the songs i was listening to bored me so i kinda shut of…Cube is boring…Unless you listen to that hardcore rap..