Ok…just thinking…


Nothing much, really…just occured to me, am independent. An i saw a video of Erykah Badu naked. Now, thats not the strange part, i mean, am a guy, but…she was and has been my inspiration for quite some time, you know her poetic mambo jumble gets to me, and her music is very ethereal…so seeing her naked, total shocker.( her Behind though looked incredulous and she has some shyt, seriously.)

My week i realise ends on Wednesday and yet begins on Monday, shocker again. But this is only true coz of the amount of time i spend on the Internet. Its intoxicating and i might add, my new drug. If i wanted to spend some tim at night ith blinking, i would smoke me some internet. My hate for FB though unrealistic,( i mean, its FB), has come to pay of coz i nolonger get those What is on your mind crap but now it has worsened to people actually tagging me in photos i dont in anyway have a relation with, like the two girls kissing on the wall. People, i still gat parents and they are on bloody FB.

Xter, this new thing…its happening…it gets your adrenaline pumping and before you know it…pppppppsssssssssss…..its over, and a fresh chapter is opened.

Whats with bloggers today, th mental blogcks is like and STD….atleast try and get some ARVs. Please.

Mindless mambo jambo…so, this dude asks me why, why i let her go…and like i was saying…its not you, its me, i dont have the time to fully appreciate you…crap. Lke i said, mindless mambo jambo.

Money, money, money, i need some money…there are many versions of this statement that have been sang from Abba to Chaka chaka..(hope am getting these names right, coz like i said, this is my weed)…i do need some money, legally or illegally…like be a policeman, and a very corrupt one at that but make sure i dont have a potbelly, and eat in serena…cool thought. Imagine one of those whites in serena…crazy. So, if white is to traffic, khaki is to…..

Am a manga fan, i dont expect you to feel me, especially you who reads this crap….but Bleach is of the chain. Got to give that guy the bloody respeck he deserves. And i say respeck me bruda…

Who has watched the Boondocks SN 3  01…whats that Obama gay shit. I thought we was black, but no…we aint. WTf….

and I need to add a snap…seriously…

thats me above….you like…


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