Another moment

i was supposed to post something earlier and kinda burnt gas down to nada but anyway, here goes.

that moment again
Erykah Badu, slowly humming into your ear
You just watched the video
And suddenly you have the solution to all your problems
You keep on repeating the song
hoping you cancapture it forever
what they all said quickly dissolves
you start to fly
the weed you have been taking slowly kicks in
the clouds seem to shapeshift
as does your mind
even what you were working on finally reveals itself
the ex-es nolonger seem to matter
your eyes, set on that prize
stalking her is not enough
the power to move your feet is quickly rising
you are praying that when you do this, she reacts
yes reacts, n prolly inΒ a good way
these randomsies…just that

ooowwwww, ooowwuwowuwo…where did the love go( humming the song)

the song
that song
my song

Window seat….

my process in thought…finally


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