We are not alone

We are none of us alone

Even as we exhale, its inhaled by others

The light that shines upon me

Shines upon my neighbours as well

In this way, everything is connected to everything else

In this way, am connected to my friend even as am connected to my enemy

In this way, there is no difference between me and my friend

In this way, there is no difference between me and my enemy

We are not alone.


Of perceptions and more perceptions….

I was thinking, i wish i could pass by ex…over and over again,

Situation 1
I just walk by…swagger at 100 million.  And just walk on.

Situation 2
I walk  by, stop, stare. laugh…scold her, tell her she’s ugly more times than i want…

Situation 3
Walk back where i came from after making sure i noticed that she noticed me noticing her…

Situation 4
She is walking past me and then a sudden phone call, prolly dissing her, and look at her then look away just before she thinks i was going to say something.

Situation 5
I trip her while she is walking past me..

I mean, bloody hell i could make it rain cats and dogs….