Ramdom thoughts…..

Ok, what a recess? I have had this on my mind for quite sometime that its literally about to explode. Without further ado….I present, my recess?

I finally understand the concept of Ying and Yang after finally meeting my Ying, I say Yind because it sounds female. So, this ying thing has gotten my recess alot more exciting, not in the sense that we finish each others sentences but more on that we think alike, do alike and best thing ever, total opposites…..goodnews is, she is not running away, she is my fav cousin Billi…Verina as others call her, but this is her last week in the country as she will be returning back to her new home country and there ends my worthwhile recess. Its not very many times that you meet people who think crazy like me.

I have grown up. I last blogged a month or two ago and thats is scary but anyway, i have now two months added onto my age. So, am twenty something years and a few months plus two old since i last blogged.

Many accustomed to reading this know i have issues with the ladies but i have decided to fore go or those bu things that i look out for like over hanging fore heads, pimples, scars and the like….and start to look for that one otherwise i might be left alone in this cold cold world.

There was a time, when hercules had a true love and that was the source of there strength and weakness…..now, there was a time when she was the one and the only…there was a time…”I’ll be back’. Lets just leave it at that.

Am in still in bloody school and this education system is just wearing and tearing me apart there doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Of varying perceptions, i have a friend and she is a sex addict, does anyone out there have a cure for this addiction, I mean its worrying…They did it in a car, phone booth and in one of the toilets in those popular bars out there. very scary….if there are any cures, holla….

My friend is soon going to be a daddy. ( a second, i need to confirm, it may have happened already but even still, i would be among the first to know), so, yes, and he is with me…Mine, a few years, dude is in scary shit, swimming with octopi…octopuses whichever it is! dude, good luck…

I just needed to blog something…..bloody hell.


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