Ordinary thought….Life principles…

It just hit me that i missed the gal of my dreams courtesy of my high school stupidity which was courtesy of my raging identity hormones while growing up. Am just puzzled at how stupid i must have been and how she felt when she sought to get an answer from me. She was not yet that pretty though, she was still maturing into the woman she is right now. Am torn between what i stand for and what i should do. Am puzzled more less that i think i lost the chance even when given a second chance. Right now she is so into that Gu- dude i think i might give up already.
Enuf of that chapter now, the title has nothing to do or might actually have a slight inkling to what i wanted to talk about. Yes, life principles….I have been looking and am still looking for that bloody thing that defines me…and here are a few suggestions…

Ok, we all know that here in Uganda, the profession you seek is not necessarily the one you end up doing after you done and dusted with that degree encasing in your ka-one bedroom shack. So, why not become a business man, every profession is a business…MAN…(you know the way Jay-Z say it).

Ok, they are types of businesses but for Ugandans, any good business that has a strong foundation is based on the key principles of Agrobusiness, Agriculture. So, when am done and shit skulls( slang for ” if everything fails”), why not go and do what my ancestors used to do. Gather and plant crops, maybe do a little hunting. Its about survival for the fittest. just saying.


This is where the money is. I mean, Africans spend 50% of there time trying to hustle and the rest, politics….corruption, eating and using donor money because it is for free. I could survive on that. just have to be a ka-MP for some ka-fake region that barely exists. And let it rain, like Lil Wayne said.

OR be Me, Architect.
It is not surprising that even after 4 years of study, am not sure I want to be an architect, maybe because the system tends to think us Engineers who draw buildings. I am lost, and trying to find this path that i chose to take four years ago. But, anyways, when am done and dusted and have that ka-degree of oba second class upper, everything will be ok, I will be a businessman, a farmer and that ka politician and also an Architect.

We cant go Forward while looking  back.          president Obeezy ( boondocks fans) Or President Barrack Obama.

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Just another Poem

I slowly stared
not in wonderment
not in awe
not in amazement
but just stared
to take in the full view
of her naked body
silky smooth but rough textured
her skin was
her boobs, round, cupped
not pear shaped
tiny but not that tiny
but fitting perfectly in my hand
She looked away, not shy
but just looked away
afraid that i wouldnot stop staring
staring i continued
This miniature stature of mine.
my concrete babe.