This week

Ok, i dont have much to say and neither do i Have anything sensible to write about but I need to post something at least.

She dumped him.
For four years, my main purpose and goal in life was to show my future (probably) wife that i could much her cool GU dude…i mean, i was leaving her to have her fun but recently or better still, just got news that she dumped him, and now my goal and purpose in life seems useless. Am still in shock, even when i thought i couldnt get shocked any more. her, these things.

Finally, for the rock music fans…..i give to you my current playlist. It may not necessarily be rock music, but anyway, just music you should listen too.

Automatic                             Tokyo hotel
Say                                            John Mayer
528491                                   Hans Zimmer

Sample this music, you can find it on youtube…and other music downloading sites.


So, Inception…i think is a movie everyone should have watched otherwise…….

I mean, i think am in the 5 th layer kati, oba………..

bloody f these randomsies…sorry for the confusion..buenos diaz…….